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for young adults, children and newborns

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Pfizer Covid Vaccine (5-11yo) Clinics:

February Tuesday Clinics:

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If you have questions about the vaccine, email: 


and include your child's name and date of birth.

Our phone lines cannot accommodate COVID vaccine registration or questions. THANK YOU for being patient with us. We know this is a stressful time for everyone and we appreciate your grace.

Flu Shots have Arrived

Please call our office to  schedule

your individual appointment today! 703-435-3636

Check back to see when the next Flu Clinic is


Dear Patients and Families,

COVID guidance and science is changing rapidly. RTCP is working diligently to provide the best COVID care for your child and we ask for your patience as we implement new advice on what can feel like a daily basis. For example, children and teens no longer need an in office cardiac check prior to returning to sports, however if your child is a serious athlete and has had COVID, we ask that you call our office if they have a personal or family history of cardiac disease or care, prolonged COVID symptoms, difficulty returning to athletics or any further concerns. 


Additionally, please be reassured that if your child tests positive for COVID you will receive a phone call to discuss what that means by the end of the day. However, our staff and providers are operating beyond regular business hours and may not be able to call until as late as 8 PM. Again, we appreciate your patience and keeping our phone line open for patients in need.

Now accepting new patients 4 months and younger.

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Questions about vaccinating your child?

Follow us on Facebook for current information and articles related to the studies on the vaccine for 12 years and younger. Please check back for further updates.
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Mental Health and Covid-19

Letter to Our Loyal RTCP Patients and Families


Dear Patients and Families,

We thank you for your continued loyalty and patience during these busy times.  RTCP has always prided itself on quality of care, not quantity of care.

We, as other businesses and families, have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Back to school has placed a huge strain our practice in addition, to the huge wave of illnesses, many of which we usually see in the winter months.  The combination of increased illness and school requirements have kept us quite busy. 

With the Covid-19 effect on our workplace and staff, the passing of Dr. Ascrizzi, the retirement of Dr. Harrison and the relocation of Dr. Lozano, we apologize for the limited number of appointments available. Please be patient with us as we anxiously await the new patient portal. In the meantime we apologize for the long waits on the phone. 

Despite these obstacles , we continue to be available to provide medical care for your children. We are only asking that you bear with us and hang in there. The next few weeks will continue to be busy, but we are here to answer your questions and care for your children. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone as best as we can.  The typical turn around time for forms may be a little longer than usual. Please help us out by filling out all parts of the form before submitting it to us.

RTCP thanks you for your continued loyalty and patience. We are trying our best and are here to care for you and your children for many more years to come.

Thank you,

The Doctors and Staff of Reston Town Center Pediatrics

Flu shots are here! Please call to make an appointment


1.) You must call for an appointment.

2.) Your child must be well without ANY symptoms of cough, cold or other illness.

3.) Your child should wear a short sleeve shirt if they are older than 12 months of age

Frozen Berries

The Virtual Sick Clinic

The Virtual Sick Clinic is a convenient way to obtain care for minor illnesses virtually without having to come into the office! It is for care for children aged 6 months and older with MINOR illnesses lasting less than a week. Patients are seen on a first come first serve basis from the comfort of your home.


Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am-10 am

(the afternoon virtual clinic is no longer available)


More information about the Clinic  and Minor Illnesses 


** If your child is younger than 6 months you must call the office for an appointment.

** If your child is having wheezing or trouble breathing because of asthma you MUST call for an appointment.


OFFICE HOURS - Update 2/19/2021

Regular office hours are 8am-6pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday by appointment.

The Virtual Sick Clinic is open 8-10 a.m.  Monday thru Friday. This is NOT a walk in clinic


Telehealth visits for non well visits are available. Call 703-435-3636 to schedule. 

Everyone over the age of 2 years entering our office is required to wear a face mask

See our 'COVID-19 Office Changes' page for changes when visiting our office.

See our 'Frequent Topics about Covid-19': click here for up to date information on many topics.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@rtcpediatrics) for daily advice.

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Did you know that our staff does RAPID and PCR Covid testing while you stay in your car in our parking lot?

Whether for your back to school or pre-travel screening, because your child feels sick or an exposure to Covid from someone else, please visit us at our virtual clinic or call for a televisit. We will virtually figure out when you should be tested and which test is best for your situation. We then meet you at your car in the parking lot and call you with the results.

***We currently test only our pediatric patients.

It’s allergy season, start your child's medication nowBut that doesn't mean play has to stay indoors.

Questions about illness in your child?

Questions about caring for you child and teen?

Healthychildren.org provides accurate and up to date information for you from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Check it out!

Pediatric Symptoms Checker

Save yourself time & call us before you take a trip to urgent care.

Our nurse help line and on-call doctors are available to answer after hours questions. There is a $20 charge for this service.

It's Back to School time!

Help your students get off to a good start.
Back to School lunches
Managing After school activities
Established patients (>2 months old) are welcome to attend our Walk In Clinic Weekdays 8:00 - 9:00am, no appointment necessary. Patients are seen on a first come-first served basis for simple illnesses present for less than 72 hours. 

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Please KEEP your well check appointments to keep from falling behind, especially with vaccines! There is a separate entrance for you. If your child is sick please call us to set up a telehealth visit before coming in. Please do not use urgent care. If you have lost your job and are about to lose your insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, give us a call to see if we can get you any vaccines, tests, and well checks before you lose coverage.