Covid - 19 Office Updates!
How does a telehealth visit work?


  • To access this service you will need the following requirements:

  • An appointment for a provider or nurse to call you back. 

  • Access to the internet. This service works best if you are on Wi-Fi.

  • A computer, laptop or tablet with a webcam and microphone available to you. Many smartphones can handle telehealthy visits as long as they are connected to the internet.

  • Your child next to you when the visit starts, a well lit area so we an adequately examine and see your child, AND a quiet area where there are NO possible interruptions.



15 minutes before your appointment time


  • Go to Our Staff page

  • Find the provider that you will be seeing and click on their name.

  • Enter your name when prompted. This puts you into the Waiting Room for that provider. They are then notified that you are waiting and will be with you shortly.

Reston Town Center Pediatrics is closely monitoring the most up to date, rapidly changing CDC guidelines. To keep everyone as safe as possible, we have made the following changes this week to take effect Monday March 22, 2020:


We  are open during this Pandemic, however our walk in hours are still suspended.


PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT cancel or reschedule well check ups especially if you child is 15 months and younger or 4, 11 and 16 year olds. These children need their shots so we don’t have an added epidemic on our hands. We will also gladly see the other ages as well. There is a separate entrance for you so you will not come into contact with anyone who has ill symptoms while in our office. 


Call us of all sick visits as they will happen via a TELEHEALTH visit. If we feel that we still need to see your child we will make an appointment for you to be seen in our office. If you don't have an electronic device with a webcam and microphone, please let us know when you call. At this time we can still see you in the office.


Walk-in clinic has been suspended until further notice.


Our office hours have resumed to normal, 8am-6pm  Monday thru Friday. Saturday remains the same, clinic by appointment. Our office phone triage will start at 8 am. We encourage you to call early in the day whenever possible. As always there is a physician on call after hours.

EVERYONE over the age of 3 years entering our office is required to wear a face mask.


To be as cautious as possible, we are asking that ONLY the patient and ONE healthy parent come in for any visit. Please leave siblings at home if possible. Bring your own book or toys and leave strollers in your car. If the parent or guardian coming with the child is sick or not feeling well, please let us know as soon as you enter our office and come into the first door for the “Sick”.

We will have 2 entrances to our office. 


  • If anyone coming with the patient is ill or not feeling well, we ask that you use the first entrance dedicated to our sick patients. 

  • If you are bringing a sick family member to a newborn appointment, please call ahead so we are aware of your situation.

  • There will be separate check in desk and waiting room for the 2 areas.  Each check in and waiting room will be located near that entrance.  Waiting rooms will be strictly enforced.

The 2 entrances are:

  • The second entrance or Main/original door for WELL patients and NEWBORNS only -persons entering via this door should not have fever, cough, cold symptoms, not feeling well or other symptoms of illness

  • The first entrance or New door will be for any patient/family member/visitor who are ill having a fever, cough, cold symptoms, not feeling well or other symptoms of illness regardless if they are scheduled for a sick visit or a well checkup.  


There will be dedicated exam rooms, waiting rooms, nurses and providers for well patients/newborns different than for sick patients/parents.



  • At this time it is not recommended nor can we test everyone for Covid-19. Who gets tested will be determined on their symptoms and risk factors and will be on a case by case basis. We would like to keep all special equipment and testing kits for those sick in the hospital and most importantly the medical personel working in the hospitals!


  • We are cleaning exam rooms and common areas diligently and frequently.


We want to thank you in advance for your patience and adherence to these new rules.   We are putting these changes into place to attempt to reduce the contact between patients who are in the office at the same time.  


Reston Town Center Pediatrics is putting these measures in place now to try to be as proactive as possible!! We know that these measures will work only as well as our families are willing to abide by them. 


Please help us to help all our patients and families remain as safe and healthy as we possibly can. 

Current Sick and Well Visit Operations

Reston Town Center Pediatrics is now offering Scheduled Telemedicine Services: face-to-face online visits with one of our providers, via a computer, laptop or Smartphone.  This service is being provided for sick appointments and ongoing medical problems at this time.  With the requested social distancing we would like to minimize the number of patients coming to our office, but want to allow you to continue using us as your medical home. At this time we cannot do well child check ups via telehealth. These still need to be done

in the office.

Using a video interface that can be scheduled as an appointment and qualify for appropriate monitoring of care of ongoing medical problems can substitute for an office visit. In this time of the COVID Pandemic, we are extending this to include sick visits as well. After discussing and evaluating your child via video conference, you may be asked to make an appointment in our office for us to further examine your child.


Prescriptions can be electronically delivered to your pharmacy or mailed to your home if a signed prescription is required.



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